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Young Pegasus publishes 15 Keystone poets

May 06, 2019
By Keystone Communications Team
Front row, from left: Annie, Annia, Mara, Michael. Back row, from left: Eleanor, Hazel, Shreya, Olivia

In the annual Young Pegasus poetry competition, 15 of the 67 winning poets were Keystone students.

The competition, founded in 1927, celebrates young writers by inviting poets 18 years old and younger to submit their work, which is then reviewed by a panel of independent judges and chosen for publication in their annual anthology. 

This year there were more than 1,700 poems submitted. A celebration for the winning poets took place over the weekend at the Guadalupe Theater.

Here are Keystone's winning poets:

Annie - 3rd grade

Ila - 3rd grade

Ella Sofia - 4th grade

Mara - 6th grade

Aarav - 6th grade

Mia - 6th grade

Adeladie - 6th grade

Annia - 6th grade

Anis - 6th grade

Eleanor - 7th grade

Michael - 7th grade

Hazel - 8th grade

Shreya -9th grade

Olivia - 9th grade

Jackie - 12th grade

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