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Week of Oct. 22-26

October 19, 2018
By Sara Christiansen

Monday, October 22
1st Period: Rhodes College
2nd Period: Wofford College
4th Period: The New School
5th Period: Rice University
8th Period: Bennington College

Tuesday, October 23
1st Period: University of Colorado, Boulder
2nd Period: University of the South (Sewanee)
3rd Period: University of Connecticut
4th Period: Columbia University
5th Period: Millsaps College
6th Period: Hofstra University
7th Period: Sweet Briar College
8th Period: University of South Carolina

Wednesday, October 24
1st Period: High Point University
2nd Period: University of Oregon
3rd Period: Wellesley College
4th Period: Goucher College
5th Period: University of Nebraska
6th Period: Georgetown University
7th Period: Butler University
8th Period: University of Florida

Thursday, October 25
3rd Period: American University
4th Period: Vanderbilt University
5th Period: Elon University
8th Period: Marymount Manhattan College

Friday, October 26
1st Period: Juniata College
2nd Period: Middlebury College
3rd Period: Oberlin College
4th Period: Northern Arizona University
6th Period: George Washington University
7th Period: Washington Univ, St. Louis
8th Period: Kansas State University

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