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Meet our Upper School students: Maysoon and Abby

December 14, 2018
By Bill Spedding

Name: Maysoon

Grade: Senior

Been at Keystone since: 6th grade

What is your favorite Keystone memory?  The senior year West Texas trip.  We all sang songs on the bus, we looked at the stars at McDonald Observatory and we learned to play Spikeball.  We enjoyed making food for each other at the campsite and it really brought the class together.

Hidden Talent:  I am really good at organizing and I love to color code my school life.  I am also good at heaving a football.

What do you hope your legacy will be at Keystone?  Through National Honor Society activities, I hope that people feel that service comes from one’s heart and it is important to make a positive impact on our greater community.  I am also proud of the work I have contributed to athletics, especially through the girl’s basketball team.  

Short reflections on what I appreciate about Maysoon: Maysoon has a genuine kindness and concern for others.  She works hard at everything in her life and doesn’t let challenges overcome her.  She leads by example in NHS and has been a great mentor to our younger athletes on the athletic courts.

Name:  Abby

Grade:  Junior

Been at Keystone since:  Kindergarten

What is your favorite Keystone memory?
Running the 4th grade baked potato sale.  We got to advertise for it, organize it and decide which charity to donate to.  We decided upon the Humane Society after doing a bunch of group research on their organization for a couple of weeks as a class project.  

Hidden Talent: I can match the complexion of a tomato.  Also, I have tripped down every staircase at Keystone at least once.

What do you hope your legacy will be at Keystone?
 I have tried to encourage more of my peers to participate in Science Bowl and Science Fair. Keystone has a great reputation as a STEM school, but I hope I have been one of the students whose passion for research inspires more students to try out those STEM opportunities.  

Short reflections on what I appreciate about Abby:  Abby is so multi-talented.  She is an award-winning scientist, a fun ukulele musician, a three-sport athlete and a great sounding board to her friends.  Her work ethic is unimpeachable, and we all enjoy watching her excel in her multiple activities.

Dr. Kalpana M. Iyengar says:
December 15, 2018 12:00 PM CST

Mr. Spedding,

Thank you for taking time off your schedule to doscuss the talented cadre of students you teach at Keystone! I would love to read about all of the highschoolers and their pursuits, etc. Thank you and happy holidays!


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