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Keystone students perform well in international math competition

April 26, 2019
By Keystone Communications Team

The results are in from the international Purple Comet math competition, and Keystone students performed well.

  • 5th Grade Team of Shaumprovo, Inaayat, Ricardo, Anirudh, Sarim, and Zoe came 96th out of 1480 teams, placing in the Top 6.5% worldwide
  • 6th Grade Team 1 of Andre, Jackson, Ajay, Anish, and Olivia came in 96th out of 1480, placing in the Top 6.5% worldwide
  • 6th Grade Team 2 of Julia, Mara, Annia, and Adelaide came in 76th out of 1480, placing in the Top 5.5% worldwide
  • 7th/ 8th grade team of Becca, Brandon, Mihika, Any, and Hazel came in 36th out of 1480, placing in the Top 2.5% worldwide
  • Upper School team of Shreya, Leo, Sophie, and Derek came in 94th out of 1480, placing in the Top 6.5% worldwide

The Keystone teams took the online test earlier this month. Congratulations to our hard-working students.

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