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GEMUN - April 2018

25 Keystone seventh and eighth graders took part in the first TriMUN (Trinity Model United Nations) at Trinity Episcopal School in Austin. A diplomatic simulation, Model UN requires researching a pressing world problem, writing a resolution to address the problem from the perspective of a particular country, and then presenting the resolution to the appropriate United Nations body (such as the World Health Organization or UN Environmental Programme) for debate. In addition to thanking Trinity Episcopal for the warm hospitality, the middle schoolers report that all of their resolutions passed.

April Athletics - 4.6.18

This week, tennis and golf participated in the district tournament. 

Dillon McManus placed 1st in singles at district, qualifying him for state.
Rohan Shayi  placed 5th in singles at district, qualifying him for state.
Daniel Covert and Dan Tan placed 2nd in doubles at district, qualifying for state.
Justin Parson and Kishore Botla placed 6th in doubles at district, qualifying for state.
Iris Rodriguez placed 2nd in singles at district, qualifying her for state. 
Neha Bhanot placed 3rd in singles at district, qualifying her for state.
Beril Saygin and Minji Kim placed 2nd in doubles at district, qualifying for state.

Ethan McKendrick Green placed 9th at the district golf tournament, qualifying him for state. 

State Science Fair - March 2018

Congratulations to the six middle school and thirteen high school students who qualified to go to the state science fair that was held on Saturday, March 24:

Joanna Sohn
Sarah Cross
Jasmine Hollis
Ella Celeste Walker
Alex Flynn
Shreya Chaudhary (went to the Math Counts State Competition held at the same time)

Kim Macdonald
Ali Wu
Anjali Kunavarapu
Siona Manocha
Allison Wivagg
Abby Parker
Beril Saygin
Ani Karla
John Wilkins
Nia Clements 
Gowri Iyangar
Evan Meade 
Adithya Mummidi 

Getting to state is a pretty big deal, but wait, there's more...

Sarah Cross made first place for Robotics and Intelligent Machines and is qualified to compete in the Broadcom National Science Fair.

Anjali Kunavarapu and Ali Wu (team) made third place in Earth and Environmental Science.

Nia Clements made a first place in Biomedical and Health Science and also a Grande First Place.

John Wilkins, who will take over the world someday, made first place special award from the Counsel of Statistical Sciences.

Beril Saygin made a first place in Translational Medical Sciences and is going to ISEF!!! (that makes four Keystone high schoolers going to ISEF, including Nia, Evan, and Adithya)

Gowri Iyangar joined a student from another school and her team received a second place in Biomedical and Health Science and a special award from the Americal Statistical Association, first place for Biomedical Science.

Please congratulate these young scientists!

Pegasus Poetry Competition-March 2018

*We will continue to add winners**

Congratulations to the following young writers on having their work selected for the 2018 Pegasus Poetry Anthology.

3rd grade - Max Trivizo, Sarah Robinson

5th grade - Rashmi Basu, Silas Bartlett, Aarav Gedala, and Adelaide Kreidel
6th grade - Daniel Abney,  Evan Hamaoka, and Charles Weiner

7th grade - Hazel Spedding

8th grade - Shreya Chaudhary

9th grade - Ciara Hollis, Ethan Green, Ella Best, Ali Wu, Andy De la Garza

10th grade - Katie Fleming

12 grade - Catie Poneck

Potatoes for Philanthropy - March 2018
4th Graders raised over $1,200 during their annual potato sale. Their record-breaking proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit. Great job, kids!

2018 Regional Academic WorldQuest Results

Keystone School's winning streak at the Academic World Quest Regional Competition was maintained on March 8.  Our teams now have won the regional competition eight years in a row.  The members of this year's winning team are Jack Covert, Dan Covert, Julia Mansfield, and Mark Morgan.  They will travel to Washington, D.C. again on April 27 for the National Academic World Quest Competition.

In addition, our senior team of Sam, Nikola, Hailey, and Jocelyn finished second; and our other senior team of Eli, Jared, Max, and Ricardo finished fourth.

Congratulations to these stellar students of public and international affairs.  They all have devoted tremendous effort since our preparations to master the voluminous information began in August.

2018 Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair Results

Grand Awards High School
1st Grand Fair I & Best in Fair – Evan Meade (going to ISEF!)
1st Grand Fair II – Nia Clements (going to ISEF!)
2nd Grand Fair I – Adithya Mummidi (going to ISEF!)
5th Grand Fair II – Ani Karla
5th Grand Fair II – Abby Parker

Grand Awards Middle School
2nd Grand Team – Jasmine Hollis and Ella Celeste Walker
5th Grand Fair II – Alex Flynn

High School Category Awards
1st Place Earth & Space – John Wilkins
1st Place Medicine & Health – Beril Saygin
1st Place Team Fair II – Gowri Iyengar
2nd Place Team Fair II – Anjali Kunavarapu and Ali Wu
2nd Place Engineering – Kim Macdonald
2nd Place Zoology – Siona Manocha
3rd Place Medicine & Health – Allison Wivagg
4th Place Environmental – Nicole Grater
Director’s Award Engineering – Yuqi Pan

Middle School Category Awards
1st Place Math & Computer – Sarah Cross
1st Place Physics – Shreya Chaudhary
2nd Place Medicine & Health – Joanna Sohn
3rd Place Medicine & Health – Veda Atluri
3rd Place Team Fair I – Becca Nerone and Lorenzo Ruiz

2018 Alamo Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Special Awards

BioBridge Global – Evan Meade, Beril Saygin
Diagnostic Research Group – Nia Clements
Genius International Olympiad – Nia Clements
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society – Jasmine Hollis, Ella Celeste Walker
Mu Alpha Theta – Evan Meade
NASA Earth System Space Science Award – John Wilkins
Regeneron Science – Nia Clements, Evan Meade
San Antonio Space Society – John Wilkins
South Gem & Mineral Society – Nicole Grater
Broadcom Recipients – Sarah Cross, Shreya Chaudhary, Ella Celeste Walker, Jasmine Hollis, Alex Flynn

SA Chapter of the American Statistical Association - Gowri Iyengar


Schreiner College $20,000 – Evan Meade, Nia Clements
Schreiner College $16,000 – Adithya Mummidi
Schreiner College $4000 – Abby Parker, Ani Karla
St. Mary’s University $50,000 – Evan Meade, Nia Clements
St. Mary’s University $40,000 – Adithya Mummidi
Trinity University $8000 – Evan Meade, Nia Clements, Adithya Mummidi
University of the Incarnate Word $10,000 – Nia Clements, Evan Meade
Texas Tech $1000 – Nicole Grater

Science Bowl - February 2018

Keystone Middle and High School Science Bowl teams competed over the weekend, and did very well! 

Our Middle School teams were:
Keystone Red - Matthew Stagg, Sarah Stagg, Matthe Hayes, Gabe Lynch, Shreya Chaudhary (4th place overall)
Keystone Blue - Jack Dougherty, James Byrd, Elizabeth Nelson, Kevin Ge
Keystone Green - Griffin Brooks, David Fleming, Leo Doan, Balin Patel, Yousef Tirhi

Our High School teams were:
Keystone Red - Evan Meade, Luke Vilagi, Nia Clements, John Wilkins, Adithya Mummidi (2nd place overall)
Keystone Blue - Beril Saygin, Jack Osterhage, Yuqi Pan, Victoria Nelson
Keystone Green - Ali Wu, Kaitlin Albarran, Liam Normand, Ethan Green, Siona Manocha

MathCounts - February 2018

Ten students from Keystone competed at the MathCounts Bexar Chapter competition. Keystone's 4-person team placed 3rd overall and advance to the State Competition in Austin on March 24th.  

Keystone Four-Person Team: 8th graders: Leo Doan and Shreya Chaudhary; 7th graders: Andy Ngu and Hazel Spedding  Heading to the State Competition!!!

Keystone Individual Competitors: 8th graders: David Fleming, Elle Boehme-Leal; 6th graders: Alan Huang, Joanna Sohn, Akash Keshav, and Niraj Srivastava

National Merit 2018 - February 2018

National Merit Finalists (5):
Sam Delmer
Evan Meade

Adithya Mummidi

John Wilkins

Jared Zhao

National Merit Commended (1):
Max Rattray

National Hispanic Scholars (6):
Ricardo Aguiar

Skylar Blanchard

Emily Guajardo

Diego Quintero

Ashlyn Roth

Luke Vilagi

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards - Southwest Writing Region - January 2018

Region-at-Large students have the opportunity to earn Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention Awards. The Gold Key works by Julie Mansfield and Jackie Pavlovsky advance to national judging and are considered for National Awards.

Ella Best, ninth grader, Honorable Mention in Poetry for “Overripe”

Jackson Covert, eleventh grader, Honorable Mention in Flash Fiction for “Strange Weather”

Jackson Covert, eleventh grader, Honorable Mention in Personal Essay and Memoir for “Ether Dreams”

Jackson Covert, eleventh grader, Honorable Mention in Poetry for “Below”

Jack Dougherty, eighth grader, Silver Key in Humor for “A Sheep in a Zoo”

Anirudha Reddy Karla, eleventh grader, Silver Key in Critical Essay for “A Dark World”

Eric Liu, ninth grader, Silver Key in Short Story for “Magnolia”

Julia Mansfield, eleventh grader, Gold Key in Short Story for “Homebound: 1975”

Jocelyn Noriega, twelfth grader, Silver Key in Poetry for “Hold on Tight”

Jocelyn Noriega, twelfth grader, Silver Key in Poetry for “The Ballad of Ore”

Jocelyn Noriega, twelfth grader, Silver Key in Poetry for “My Mother’s Tongue”

Jackie Pavlovsky, eleventh grader, Gold Key in Flash Fiction for “Perspective”

Jackie Pavlovsky, eleventh grader, Gold Key in Personal Essay and Memoir for “Five Not-So-Professional Retorts to Commands I've Heard”

Jackie Pavlovsky, eleventh grader, Gold Key in Poetry for “The Stages of Losing Her”

Catherine Poneck, twelfth grader, Honorable Mention in Poetry “Love Potion”

Catherine Poneck, twelfth grader, Silver Key in Poetry for “Blue Picture”

Stephanie Rao, tenth grader, Honorable Mention in Critical Essay for “Friendly Foes and All the More Woes: The Hidden Negativity of Social Media”

Stephanie Rao, tenth grader, Honorable Mention in Poetry for “Befores and Afters”

Stephanie Rao, tenth grader, Honorable Mention in Poetry for “To Someone You Love Who May Need Reforming”

Stephanie Rao, tenth grader, Honorable Mention in Poetry for “Here Is How You Face Your Fear”

Stephanie Rao, tenth grader, Silver Key in Poetry for “Street Un-bravado-ed”

TCEA Robotics Competition-January 2018

Five middle school and four high school teams from Keystone participated in the 2018 regional TCEA Robotics competition.

the middle school arena division, our 6th grade team (Joanna Sohn, Abby Montemayor, Kate Rickels, and Joanna Sohn) placed 1st place overall and our 8th grade team (David Fleming, Yousef Tirhi, and Kevin Ge) placed 2nd place overall. Both teams advance to the state competition in April. There were 40 teams competing and only the top two teams go on to state so Keystone swept the division.

We also had a good showing from our 7th grade team (Anneliese Coleman, Sarah Cross, and Mihika Eratne) and our second 8th grade team (Leo Doan, Jack …, and Victor Tejeda).

We also had one team (Henry Rodriguez and Ishan Ajmani) compete in the inventions contest. This was the first time Keystone has had a team compete in this contest and while they did not win, they did an awesome job at the contest.

We had one high school team (Ciara Hollis and Gaby Aguilar) compete in the inventions contest. This was the first time Keystone has competed in this contest and they brought home a 1st place overall win. They will both advance to the state competition.

In the high school arena division, we had three teams compete. Although they did not place, they all did a great job. They are:

Team 1-Minji Kim, Yuqi Pan, and Donny Duggan

Team 2-Ben Felson, Abby Parker, Katie Fleming, and Mario Nicolas

Team 3-Allison Wivagg, Jackie Rosenkranz, and Corinthian Ewesuedo

Please congratulate these students for all of their hard work and success!

Scholastic Art Awards - January 2018

Please congratulate these students for having their artwork selected for the Scholastic Art Awards of San Antonio. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the nation’s longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for creative teens. The Awards have fostered creativity and talent since 1923 for millions of students and feature a notable list of alumni including: Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Sylvia Plath, Charles White, Kay WalkingStick, Ken Burns, John Baldessari, Mozelle Thompson, Joyce Carol Oates, Hughie Lee-Smith, Robert Redford, Zac Posen, and Lena Dunham.

Daniel Covert, Bitterhertz, Painting- Gold Key

Sieon Kim, Sunlight, Mixed Media- Honorable Mention

Sieon Kim, Burden, Drawing and Illustration- Silver Key

Nina Koneru, Shadows, Painting- Silver Key

Kimberly Macdonald, War Is Over, Mixed Media- Honorable Mention

Siona Manocha, The Indian Girl, Digital Art- Honorable Mention

Siona Manocha, Lost, Photography- Honorable Mention

Jocelyn Noriega, Westlawn, Mixed Media- Honorable Mention

Yuqi Pan, World of Books, Painting- Silver Key

Jackie Pavlovsky, View Of A Jailer, Photography- Honorable Mention

Jackie Pavlovsky, Woman V. Nature, Photography- Honorable Mention

Alana Pickens, Venus, Painting- Honorable Mention

Iris Rodriguez, Sarcophagu,s Mixed Media- Gold Key

Emma Solis, Porch Light, Painting- Gold Key

Emma Solis, The Modern Tower of Babel, Editorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block Foundation- Honorable Mention

Isabella Sullivan, My hair is beautiful too! Sincerely, young African American girl,s Sculpture- Silver Key

Allison Wu Shanghai, Lost in Time, Drawing and Illustration- Gold Key

Allison Wu Beauty ,Behind the Shard,s Drawing and Illustration- Honorable Mention

2017 Texas State Science Fair

Please congratulate the following students, and their sponsors, Kathy Darr and Jason Nydegger, for their great representation of our school. Please note the participant and award list below.


Allison Wivagg, Corinthian Ewesuedo, Sam Griffith, Sophie Skop, Siona Manocha, Eric Liu, Adithya Mummidi, Daniel Covert, Evan Meade, Isuru Somawardana, Ashara Somawardana, Ashlyn Roth, Abby Parker, Beril Saygin, John Wilkins, and Nia Clements.


2nd Grand Life Science - Nia CLements (going to ISEF!)

1st Place Biomedical Engineering - Isuru Somawardana

1st Place Physics - Sam Griffith

3rd Place Plant Sciences - Ashlyn Roth

3rd Place Animal Sciences - Abby Parker

3rd Place Computational Biology and Bioinformatics - Adithya Mummidi

Special Awards:

Texas Board of Professional Engineers Future Engineer Award - Isuru Somawardana

The Society for In Vitro Biology Award - Nia Clements

2017 Academic World Quest Regional Competition

For the seventh consecutive year, Keystone School won the Regional Academic World Quest competition. Not only did our senior team finish first among fifty competing teams, but our sophomores finished second, and our juniors finished third...a clean sweep for Keystone School.

Considering the countless hours of study and preparation involved in achieving these honors over so many years, we are in awe of the intellectual abilities and consistency of our outstanding students. Please join us in showering accolades on our diligent and talented social science scholars!

1st Place -- Senior Team
Mishel, Tamar, Anna, Isuru

2nd Place -- Sophomore Team
Jackson, Daniel, Julia, Mark

3rd Place -- Junior Team
Sam, Nikola, Jocelyn, Hailey

Our victorious senior team will now prepare to defend our national championship at the National Academic World Quest Competition in Washington, D.C. on April 28. Wish us good fortune.

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