Technology @ Keystone

We know that strong foundations in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are essential to preparing young minds for the future that awaits them upon graduation. This is why Keystone School has chosen to focus on these core skills as an integral part of our curriculum. This focus has had a significant impact on Keystone's continued status as one of the premier Pre-K through 12th grade academic institutions in the nation.

We also know that in order for a great academic institution to flourish and provide the technology that today's students require, we must ensure that a technological infrastructure is in place to support the many devices in use on campus every day. Even in our small school, at any given time during a typical school day, there are over 1000 connected devices in use that require both a high speed and reliable network. It is for these reasons that Keystone has invested and continues to invest in the foundation of a reliable and robust technology infrastructure that will not only serve us today, but into the future as well.

Keystone currently has a 1-to-1 iPad program in our Middle School and is adopting a 1-to-1 laptop program in the Upper School. We believe it is imperative that we thoughtfully put technology at the fingertips of all students in grades PK-12 throughout the school day. Programming, digital design, and computer courses are offered in addition to technology facilitated project-based activities. All of this coupled with an award-winning robotics program make Keystone a haven for students of all technical inclinations, from the budding artist to the future tech startup CEO.

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