Upper School


Enriched by electives specifically chosen to capture the interest of bright, motivated students in grades nine through twelve, Keystone’s Upper School has a strong core curriculum consisting of English, government and history, science, mathematics, and a choice of two modern languages: Spanish and French. Students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom to explore their world through electives like Global Issues: a Focus on China, studio art, creative writing, film acting, and photography, and nurture their interests in activities like student government, community service, and the environment. Small classes allow teachers to provide personal attention to their intellectual, emotional, and moral growth. This personal attention extends beyond high school through an individualized college counseling program which is designed to help students find just the right program to suit both general and specific needs.  The strength of the core curriculum and AP preparation often enables students to enter colleges and universities with 12-20 hours of college credit and move more quickly beyond the introductory college courses into more advanced work.

Keystone’s Upper School is composed of grades nine through twelve, with an average of 130 students total. During this time, students continue to find their interests and develop strong leadership skills. 100% of Keystone graduates are admitted to four-year colleges, including of the most competitive in the country, and the graduating classes are generally offered $4-6 million in merit scholarships. Graduating seniors usually earn 12-30 hours of college credit through the AP program.

College Counseling

Keystone’s College Counseling Program is designed to prepare students to identify, apply, and matriculate at a college or university that is a good fit for their educational journey. Aspects of this program include informational meetings with students and families beginning in Middle School, management of the school’s part of the applications process, informing students about appropriate standardized tests, gathering of information about need and merit-based scholarships, and one-to-one counseling of juniors and seniors and their parents.  More than 80 colleges and universities from around the United States and from Europe visit our campus annually to meet with our students. 

Graduation Requirements

Students must take at least 21 academic courses, including:
4.0 Credits of English
4.0 Credits of Social Sciences
3.0 Credits of Math
3.0 Credits of Science
2.0 Credits of a Foreign Language
1.0 Credit of Fine Arts and Humanities
1.0 Credit of Athletics
0.5 Credit of Self and Community
* All courses are honors unless designated AP. Students will have completed at least four Advanced Placement courses before graduation.


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