Middle School

Middle School Overview

Middle School is a special time of growth and discovery, with increased academic challenges and developmental changes. At Keystone School, our dedicated teachers engage, challenge, and support our students on their journey through adolescence, as they move forward with increasing independence and responsibility, growing into sophisticated thinkers and leaders. Our goal is to provide a fulfilling, positive and successful experience for our middle school students, and prepare them for a rigorous and rewarding experience in high school.

Fifth and Sixth Grade

In fifth and sixth grade, Keystone adopts an intermediary approach, giving students increasing independence while continuing to provide consistency in routine. Students have the same teachers departmentally through both the fifth and the sixth grade, and are taught organizational and study skills within the classes themselves. In addition to the core classes of English, history, math, and science, students also take Spanish, computer, music, and theater courses. Middle school begins a physical education program that includes team competition in volleyball, soccer, basketball, and softball. Outdoor education begins in fifth grade with an overnight spelunking trip to New Braunfels and continues in the sixth grade.

Seventh and Eighth Grade

Academic expectations continue to increase as students move through middle school. Many seventh and eighth grade teachers also teach high school courses and are acutely aware of the academic preparedness that must be achieved before high school. In addition to the core classes of English, history, math, and science, students are able to choose from semester-long electives including visual art, debate, theater, photography, musical performance, and a Leadership class. Seventh graders rotate through nine weeks of public speaking, theater, music and digital design, and they also take a semester of Latin.   Eighth graders select either French or Spanish for their foreign language class.  Seventh and eighth graders actively participate in team sports of their choice including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball. The seventh graders travel to Marble Falls for an environmental and team building camp at The Outdoor School, and the eighth grade camps and hikes at Yellowstone National Park.


Along with following a rigorous accelerated academic curriculum, students foster their social and emotional learning through an advisory program that provides time for our students to develop supportive and caring relationships with our teachers, and bond with a constructive group of friends. Advisory works in concert with Keystone’s academic purposes, as it provides a time and place where our students’ non-academic needs can be met.