Lower School

Lower School Overview

Keystone’s Lower School is made up of kindergarten through fourth grade. As young children embark on their educational adventure, we strive to ensure the development of the total individual: emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Our primary focus is to offer an accelerated academic program that respects the different needs of each student and the developmental needs of the whole child. Our curriculum is aligned across subjects and builds upon itself over the years, and our instructional practice is based on in-depth knowledge of the individual learner, with an understanding of the high standards and benchmarks established for each grade level. While our academic program is challenging, our teaching approach celebrates the joys of childhood, and includes learning through play and experiences outside of the traditional classroom.

Lower School students are offered enriching and engaging opportunities in language arts, math, science, and social studies, in addition to frequent enrichment opportunities with Spanish, studio art, music, computer, library and physical education. Keystone also recognizes the need for unstructured play with young children, and all lower school students have recess time daily.

Kindergarten through Second Grade

The overall goals for the primary years are to establish strong foundations of academic skills development and concept understandings that will enable students to build upon future learning experiences successfully. We place a significant focus and value on assisting students in becoming independent learners and workers. In cheerful classrooms that are full of laughter and play, students are encouraged to practice positive group dynamic relations and conflict resolution skills. Being able to successfully transition, work in groups, and be respectful of self and peers are some of the social and emotional benchmarks that we focus on in the early years.

Third and Fourth Grades

During the last two years of Lower School school at Keystone, students are exposed to learning experiences that assist them in making deeper and more abstract connections to previously mastered concepts and skills. They are encouraged to take more learning risks and increase their responsibility for their own learning. The third and fourth grade curriculum are designed to practice and nurture independent conflict resolution and successful participation in group activities.

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