Frequently Asked Questions

Who accredits Keystone School?
The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) accredits Keystone School. This organization is approved by the state to accredit private schools and currently represents 82 schools in 6 states and Mexico. Keystone School and ISAS are affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools.

What is the average class size and total enrollment?
Each grade consists of two sections which range in size from 14 in kindergarten to 19 in the upper grades. Current enrollment is approximately 430 students in grades K-12.

What is the goal of the admissions process?
Keystone offers only an accelerated and enriched academic program. We do not offer different instructional tracks. All courses are considered to be at least equivalent to an honors level. We try to ensure that the students working within such a program are capable of success. Our goal is to make a good match between each student and our program so that each child can realize his or her maximum potential.

What tests are required for admissions and who administers them?
Students entering grades K-4 are tested for cognitive and grade level competencies.  We use a standardized measure to assess cognitive abilities, conducted by a licensed psychologist.
• The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is required for applicants to grades 5-12. The ISEE was developed by the Education Records Bureau and is used by over 1,100 independent schools as part of the admissions process. The test lasts approximately three hours and is offered on a variety of dates. The Head of Middle School and Head of Upper School also review recent test scores and grades of applicants.

When is the application deadline?
We do not have a deadline; however, the number of seats available in many classes is limited and priority is given to applications received by February 1st. Current parents re-enroll for grades 1-12 by late February, and some grades fill by mid-March. Kindergarten testing begins in December and we start sending out acceptances in late January. We encourage early submission of application.

How diverse is Keystone?
Keystone has been among the most diverse schools accredited by the ISAS. Currently, over 55% of our students are non-Anglo. This mixture has always been a hallmark of the Keystone experience.

What is Keystone's religious affiliation?
Keystone is not affiliated with any religious organization or church and no worship or religious activities are part of campus life. Many religions are represented among our current families, and Keystone considers itself to be an hospitable environment for all faiths, a characteristic which both the school and the students value.

Is financial aid available?
Financial aid is based on demonstrated need and on space available in classes where there is an opening. It is reserved for students in the upper grades 6-12.

What are the qualifications and experience of Keystone's faculty?
Teachers have degrees and experience in the academic disciplines in which they teach. On average, teacher tenure is 7-9 years, though we have a number of teachers who have been here longer.

What are the school hours?
Grades K-4 begin at 8:30 and end between 3:00 and 3:15. Grades 5-12 begin classes at 8:30 every day; classes end at 3:45. The Wednesday schedule includes a general assembly period or an advisory session.

Do students wear uniforms?
Students do not wear uniforms, but are expected to wear modest attire suited to a K-12 school environment.

What Advanced Placement opportunities are offered?
Keystone offers 15 designated AP courses, beginning with Modern European History in the sophomore year. AP courses in English and history are required of all students; math, science, and foreign language AP courses are optional. On average 70-80% of all graduates have been named Advanced Placement Scholars for excellent performance on numerous AP exams.

What are the average standardized test scores of Keystone students?
Seniors averaged between 1350-1450 on the old SAT. Over the last three years, the average SAT score has been 2100 out of 2400. Students in grades K-8 average over 90% on the Stanford Achievement Test.

What sports are offered?
Competitive teams are fielded in track and field, soccer, basketball, tennis and golf for boys and volleyball, track and field, basketball, tennis and softball for girls. Depending on student interest level, cross-country may be offered. The Middle School (grades 6-8) competes within the local ISAL league comprising of private schools within San Antonio. The Upper School competes within the TAPPS 3A division, a state-wide organization.

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