Co-curricular Activities

The Keystone experience includes learning opportunities beyond our core curriculum.

Examples include:

Studio Art
Students in grades K-12 may participate in studio art, culminating in Art I-III in the Upper School program. An entire building is dedicated to studio art and is equipped with an excellent array of media opportunities. Potter wheels, kilns, and a printing press are available for student use.

Regularly scheduled classes in the dramatic arts are provided to grades 5-7, and Upper School theater electives are available. Eight major productions, as well as several class presentations, are staged each year in Keystone’s Performing Arts Center. The season includes two major productions from the Upper School, a Shakespeare performance, full length productions from grades 7/8 and grades 5/6, and separate productions from each of the grades 1-4.

Students in grades K-7 have regularly scheduled music classes which develop an appreciation for music history, performance and theory. These courses of music are based upon exploration, participation and experimentation. Students are provided opportunities for performance that include class instruction with various instruments, including xylophones, recorders, guitars and percussion instruments.

Students in grades K-7 have regularly scheduled computer classes. The computer program, designed to help the students become literate and independent computer users, focuses on developing skills and strategies to make effective and efficient use of technology. Online safety and etiquette are emphasized as students learn to navigate cyber-space. Students learn basic technology operations, to use technology responsibly and ethically, how to communicate effectively, and conduct research.

Foreign Languages
Students in grades K-6 attend Spanish classes in which they learn to build upon previous knowledge as well as learn more. This is accomplished by working on written and phonic exercises, singing, intergrading Internet technology, and reading literature.  7th grade students take one semester of Latin.  In the 8th grade, students begin either Spanish I or French I and continue their studies into high school. These courses are taken over a four year period and extend through AP Spanish IV and AP French IV.

Physical Education
Students in Grades K-8 are required to participate in P.E. Grades K-4 have P.E. on a daily basis and grades 5-8 have classes four days a week. Our goal is to develop healthy bodies through exercise. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal fitness are emphasized.

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