Keystone School’s Physical Education Department aims to develop students who will:

  •  Develop gross motor abilities, skills, and coordination.
  •  Demonstrate responsibility and respect for themselves and others.
  •  Maintain physical fitness for a healthy life.
  •  Create a learning environment that supports growth, enjoyment, and success for all students.
  • Actively participate and engage in individual and team activities.

In Lower School, all students participate daily in PE.  In grades K-2, the emphasis is mostly on spatial awareness and gross motor skills.  In grades 3-4, emphasis shifts more to introducing team sports and focusing on teamwork and sportsmanship.

Units and skills for grades k-2 are based on one week intervals based around skills.

Units and skills for grades 3-4 are based on three week intervals around specific games.


In Middle School, all students participate in PE 3-5 days per week.  Middle School students can choose to participate in team sports or PE activities during the PE period.  Those who pursue team sports focus on that sport during PE, and compete outside of school.  Those who choose PE focus on different daily activities.  In grades 5-6, the number of games outside of school is limited, and parents serve as coaches for games, while in grades 7-8, the number of games and travel times increase as we join ISAL (Independent Schools Athletic League) and the school’s coaches oversee the teams during games. 

PE units for Middle School usually focus on a particular sport or game over multiple days.  There will also be times during the year when class begins with a fitness component for 5-15 minutes.


The Upper School program focuses solely on competitive athletics through the Texas Associatoion of Private and Parochial Schools(TAPPS), with the intention of building upon all of the department’s goals, especially those corresponding to team responsibilities and individual effort.  All students are required to participate during their high school experience per the guidelines listed in the right sidebar.

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